About Us

Graphic House is an open printmaking workshop. The project is supported by the Republican Art Gallery, on the basis of the once best experimental creative lithographic workshop in the Soviet Union, where the leading masters of Belarusian graphic art, such as Seleschuk, Kashkurevich, Poplavsky, Zaborsky and others, worked. We see as our ideology and main task the preservation, development and popularization of the Belarusian school of author's printed graphics.

We strive to preserve rare, almost antique in their value and complexity, author's printing techniques.  The workshop works in a coworking format for graphic artists, with access to equipment and materials. Also we are into organizing exhibition projects from the works created in the workshop.

On the basis of the workshop, a collection of printed graphics will be assembled, which will include all the best that has been done in recent years in classical printing techniques (etching, lithography, engraving). The printing workshop will conduct an active exhibition activity, both in the gallery of the Palace of Arts and at other venues. We are open to cooperation with other galleries and collectors interested in modern author's printing.